Here we have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions about the app: 

  How to become a Coinmaster Group partner of the app?


You want to become an official partner of the CM Help App as admin of your Coinmaster group?

Please contact Oliver Schaub or Andre Köhler.

We will discuss all requirements with you.

  Do I need to be registered / logged in to the page to download the app?


To install the CM Help app on your Android phone, you do not need to register or log in.
This feature is only available for team members of the app.
To install it on your phone, simply click on the download graphic and the download will start automatically.

  Is this app also available for IOS / IPhone?


Unfortunately, this app is currently only available for Android devices. If you own an IPhone and still want to use this app, you have possibility to use it on your laptop and/or home PC via various emulators that you can find on the net.

Here is a small selection of different emulators for your PC:

  Why don't I get push notifications or wrong messages?


This can have several reasons. We have tried to give you a few possible reasons here:

  • You have disabled the app's push notification
  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to the Apps section.
  3. Here, go to the app for which you want to turn off push notifications.
  4. Scroll down to the App settings section.
  5. Here you will find the Notifications option.
  6. Slide the slider at Show notifications to the left.
  7. You will no longer receive popups from this app on your screen. To be informed about news, you need to open the app.
  8. Alternatively, in the Categories section, turn off only certain push notifications from this app.
  • I get a push notification for an event that is not available for me

Under certain circumstances, it is possible that you receive a notification that, for example, Reward Madness is currently running, but this is not visible to you. This is due to the fact that Coinmaster makes this type of "events" partly strongly account dependent and is available on one account and not on the other. But we have no influence on it.

  • Despite the event I get no notification or much too late.
  1. See point -> "You have disabled the app's push notification".
  2. It can also happen that you don't get a notification about an event, even though all settings in your phone are correct, but normally you are always notified. This is simply because we have a push team, but they also have a private life and support the whole voluntary and therefore can not be 24/7 in the game and every event always "get" in time.
  3. The same as in point 2 also applies if a push notification arrives to the event but delayed. Say Event starts e.g. at 18:00 clock but you get a message at 18:30 clock.

  The app does not download in Chrome?


The main reason is a problem when downloading an APK file in the Android Chrome browser. Once some tabs are open, it does not redirect them to download accordingly, but to a page you have already loaded in the tab / cache memory. To solve the problem just close all corresponding tabs in Chrome browser before or watch this installation video.

  Is the CM Help app free?


The CM Help App is free and will continue to be provided to you free of charge.

But we appreciate your donations. We don't want to enrich ourselves with your donations, we only use them to cover server and programming costs.

So if you like our work and you want to continue supporting this project, we are very grateful for any donation.

Just use the donate button on this website or in our app.

  Why do I get a virus message after installing?


Under certain circumstances, you may receive a message when installing the app for the first time:

"Upload app for scanning"

Scan App

For more information on Google Play Protect, get here.

All our versions are tested before official upload via www.virustotal.com to remove any doubt.

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